Crazy Loot

art work for Crazy Loot

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90's Funk Rock




Male Vocal


Funky, Danceable, L.A. Scene


Mid 86-115 BPM




Ridin' in your Benz-O 3.5 on the hill
All the toy's those tennis courts
And those marble window sills
Armani in the closet Baby Guess on the rack
Illegally made on the east side
Ain't no sweat off their backs

Crazy, Crazy Loot
Crazy, Crazy Loot
Crazy, Crazy Loot
Crazy, Crazy Loot

Indoor swimming pool with that fresh water creek
A helipad at the forum, Laker Senate Seats
Private jet to London for that late night spot of tea
Then off to Swiss Bank'o to get some more tax free


There's kids out on the street
Without enough to eat
Folks sleeping in the doorway
On the corner of your street
Noone says to make excuses
About the way you spend your bread
It would belie the true colors
Of the Blue and White and Red
Well it seems a little wisdom
Is the order of the day
Just spend your loot wisely
So noone really has to pay
So noone really has to pay, Really has to pay,
Really has to pay

So I was driving my bug around Century City
The other day and this Rolls Royce
Pulled up next to me I thought I was right
in the middle of a commercial
He said "Exuse me do you have some Grey Poupon?"
I said "Naw man but I got some mustard packets
From Micky D's"

Extended Chorus

Fifteen hundred to clean the pool
Fifteen Thou on private schools
That's Crazy, Crazy Loot
Fifty bucks to mow the grass
Twenty five hundred to lift that ass
That's Crazy, Crazy Loot
You pay some cat to trim your roses
Fifty K on brand new noses
That's Crazy, Crazy Loot
Donate some money to your cities
Buy your wife some brand new ???????
That's Crazy, Crazy Loot