The Things To Come

This suburban Chicago garage band’s output was typical of the era, releasing just one single before disappearing into obscurity. But what a single. “I’m Not Talkin’” b/w “Till the End”, an early Dunwich Records release from ‘66, ranks as an undiluted masterpiece of the genre. The adrenalized Yardbirds cover on the plug side was the label’s attempt to duplicate their recent success with the Shadows of Knight’s “Gloria” (Billboard top 10). The new-found formula was to take a British Invasion side not yet benefitted from stateside airplay and cover it before someone else did.
The British association was deemed important enough for more Anglo-sounding names for the individual band members. Ken Ashley was in reality Ken Utterback, George Heatherton’s real name was Richard Cureton , and Keith St. Michael actually Tom Mirabile. Cliff Harrison’s name was not altered, for obvious reasons.
The Things to Come hailed from Wheaton, Illinois. Their Dunwich single was recorded at Sound Studios; a haven for Chicago garage bands. The flip side, “Till the End”, was penned by Ken Ashley. It is a powerful mix of the midtempo beat ballad with searing lead guitar and well worth checking out.