Spaniard At My Door

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Spaniard At My Door

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The Shadows Of Knight(Bio)


60's Rock, Garage Rock Revival, Arena Rock






Lilting, Exotic, Gorgeous


Mid 86-115 BPM




On a hot winter's morn-My old Aunt was born.
As a sister watched from the floor.
I said you're too late you'll have to go straight.
And you'll have to work years in the store.
I cannot see straight-Because of my mate.
And I think you look quite like a queen.
I have'nt much time-I live with the crime.
And I look like a bad Mr. Clean.
Now There's A Spaniard At My Door.
And He's Sleeping On The Floor.

I'll be married today-A good price to Pay.
For I'll alway's sleep in a bed.
Kind and Refined-She worked in a mine.
But nothing but a used metal sled.
Up north it's cold and my coat I sold.
To buy me a good bowl of rice.
While frostbite set in-I sang Gunga Din.
And went off to live with the mice.

(Repeat Chorus)

Only yule time will tell if you live in a bell.
And the ringing has'nt begun.
As you crawl to the edge-It's just like I said.
And you're eyes still point at the sun.
Over there on that farm-I lost my left arm.
When I promised to work for my life.
I stumbled a while-But soon found a style.
And finally earned a good wife.

(Repeat Chorus)

Now I'm tired and old-Afraid of the cold.
No years have I ever had plenty.
Well it's ?? and blue-I'm finally through.
I'm dead at the sweet age of twenty.

(Repeat Chorus)